Kremstal Riesling DAC

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Sweet, fresh in the nose. Pleasant acidity in combination with fruity accents. Perfect wine, tasteful without being intrusive, pleasant to drink and a top price/performance ratio.

Anna Hillebrand

Weinzierlberg, Sandgrube & Gebling

The grapes for our estate wine come from the vineyards Weinzierlberg, Sandgrube and Gebling, among others. The Gebling site was first mentioned in 1284. The wines from the Gebling location are mineral, strong and expressive. The soil consists of weathered, chalky conglomerate, which is partly covered by loess, which in turn carries a gravel pad locally. In this south facing vineyard Löss and primary rock, which consists of Gföhler Gneiss and amphibolite, dominates. The Pannonian climate has a huge influence here because this vineyard saves the heat very well and for a very long time. Powerful loess deposits together with donor and gravel, form the starting material for chalky, well-ventilated and humid soils. The loess consists of fine dust derived from calcareous rocks mixed with dolomite, feldspar, quartz, mica and clay minerals,
that was carried by the wind during the cold stages of the Ice Age when there was little in the way of vegetation cover, and deposited on the foothills of the Alps.





Harvest date

Early October

Training system

Vertical shoot positioning training system

Planting density

4000-5000 plants per hectare


Screw Cap


12.5 vol

Drinking temperature

9 - 11°C


Intense fruit, marilla, nectarine, peach note, lively fruit-acid play, inviting fruity bouquet, lively drinking flow

Food recommendation

Seafood | grilled or steamed fish | Backhendl | Vegetarian cuisine

Kremstal Riesling DAC


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Kremstal Riesling DAC