Why all our wines are “Natural Wines”

Siegel Traditionsweingüter Österreich

Why all our wines are “Natural Wines”

Actually, no one at our winery likes the term, or the title “Natural Wine” very much. However, it sums up our approach in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Not only do we cultivate our vineyards organic and as ecologically as possible, but we also apply this principle in the cellar. With the exception of a bentonite fining for protein stabilisation in the estate wines, no fining or products are added to the wines. Regardless of whether it is a single vineyard, village or estate wine, fermentation takes place spontaneously, but we are not dogmatic here and use an organic yeast if fermentation stalls or does not start.

Then the wines are left on the lees for at least four to twelve months before they are drawn just before bottling. Our regional wines are still filtered before they are bottled, but since our local and site wines have had plenty of time to clarify, they are bottled unfiltered.

We do all this, or rather we do not do it, in order to work out what is most important to us: wines whose variety can be clearly identified and whose single vineyard character stands out.

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