The Winery

Siegel Traditionsweingüter Österreich


Rainer and Christina not only share a desk but also the work in the cellar and in the vineyards. Additional support now also comes from David. Cooperation is a top priority and is essential for us in order to get the perfect result in every bottle.

The Winery

“To put my own produced bottle of wine on the table, which not only bears my handwriting but also shows my name on the label” in the company of my friends and family. That has been Rainer Wess’s dream ever since his childhood. Rainer was able to fulfill this dream with the founding of his winery in 2003, in a small rented cellar in the Unterloibner Kellergasse. Wine was made from purchased grapes from the best locations in the area. However, this cellar soon became too small and in 2009 they moved to the Krems area into an empty cellar of Wilhering Abbey. A modern, gentle and energy-saving grape reception was added to the old building. Today, the Winery Rainer Wess cultivates about 15 hectares and is a member of the Association of Austrian Traditionsweingüter. With Christina & David the second generation came to work at the Rainer Wess winery. To work together with Rainer in the pursuit of bringing the locations into the bottle – as unadulterated, inartificial and pure as possible.


In our relationship with our vineyards, the same basic principles are important to us, which we also consider important in our dealings with each other. These are: respect, support and sensitivity in all our actions and inactivity. Especially “the inactivity ” and accepting the natural imperfection – far away from perfectionism – is a concern for us. After all, a vineyard is not only a cultivated area for us but moreover a habitat and cultural heritage. Since the founding of the winery, it has always been clear that we not only want to maintain our vineyards as well as possible but we also want to give something back to them and to ourselves with sustainable management. This is also accomplished with the renunciation of herbicide, insecticide or even a copper-reduced plant protection. The harvest by hand is also one of the basic principles of the winery, together with a selected harvest to avoid a botrytis influence, since each grape is taken individually in our hands.


Tasting at the winery

If we arent in the vineyards, the office or working in the cellar we are looking forward to meeting visitors at our winery. Whom we will show not only the winery itself but the differences of our wines. Tastings and guided tours are taking place from Monday – Saturday, from 9am to 6pm and for 2 to twenty people but by appointment only. On request, we also prepare a traditional “Heurigen” plate with products of or family butchery to have a relaxed ending of your experience at our winery.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you at winery Rainer Wess. For booking please write an email to or call +43 2732 72389.


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