The vintage 2020

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The vintage 2020

The year 2020 will be remembered for a long time – in both negative and positive ways.

Besides that aspect we are glad to be able to tell you one thing very clearly:

In a few years’ time when you’ll be talking to your loved ones about 2020 while sharing a bottle of winery Rainer Wess 2020 we cannot say what the topic of conversation will be. but we can promise you one thing today:

The wine will be great!

The 2020 vintage is a vintage “like in the good old days”. In the vineyards, the year 2020 was not easy. High and above all recurring rainfall amounts made plant protection considerably more difficult in the fight against fungal diseases. The harvest did not start too early – we started at end of September and our last harvest day was in mid-November. Cool nights and warm days provided a great aroma and acidity structure that already promises a lot in the still very young wines of 2020.

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