Our wines – The long-distance runners

Siegel Traditionsweingüter Österreich

Our wines – The long-distance runners

The hand-picking, the avoiding of botrytis together with many hours and of handcrafting in our vineyards during the year clearly pays off!

To have the knowledge and conscience that no matter what bottle of wine you buy from us that this bottle only gets better from year to year is a very nice feeling. Of course the aroma changes and the wine often becomes more “serious” and I like to say – puts down its “baby fat”. It will get less chubby and more elegant. However, without losing interest or drinking flow.

Whether basic, village or single vineyard wine, each bottle clearly reflects vintage and origin. A bottle of wine is “a time capsule” that captured a very special moment in a very special vineyard.

Every bottle of wine has its story and it is passed on when you pour it into your wine glass.

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