Our “new, old” way of cultivation our vineyards

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Our “new, old” way of cultivation our vineyards

Our credo in the vineyard has always been: trust, diversity, sustainability, acceptance of natural imperfection far from perfectionism.

When this “New Year 2021” started very quietly and we had time to think about where we want to work as a company, it was a clear unanimous result in the internal vote:

The signing of an organic transition contract!

This means that we are now in the process of switching to organic farming. This changeover period will take three years. After a hopefully successful transition, the vintage 2024 will be our first organically certified vintage.
We are very happy about this step and it just feels right!

A thing we also want to mark clearly: is that nothing else will change. As we have been striving for a sustainable management method for years anyway which means nothing changes for us in the vineyard or in the cellar. What we also think is that our soon only organic certification will not replace the sustainability certification. On the contrary – in our opinion the organic way is not always the most sustainable. That’s why we’re aiming for both certifications– because they go hand in hand for us.

But above all, for us, our management is one thing, and that without idealization and certainly not a hocus-pocus – a basic principle that comes from the heart!

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